Voice & Banjo Instructor

   Voice & Banjo Instructor



Amy McIntire



Amy is a voice teacher AND banjo instructor at Warner Music Studios!  Her instruments include Voice, Banjo and Pedal Steel. She has been singing since she could speak and has played the banjo for about 20 years.  As an adolescent she began voice lessons.  She sang in choirs and a capella groups in both high school and college.  For several years she has continued her education through the Berklee School of Music, honing her vocal and instrument skills and taking theory, composition and many other courses.

Amy has taken part in a few bands, from 5 years in a banjo/cello duo, to now performing solo and ensemble gigs at local venues all over West Virginia, and north into the New England area. Her performance style tends to fall along the lines of folk rock and blues, and she loves music with intricate vocal harmonies. Her musical  muses include Emmy Lou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Ella Fitzgerald & Joni Mitchell.  

Amy has the ability to embrace what music the student loves and wants to learn, and what techniques to use to get her students to achieve their goal. Her personal listening tastes range from alt-country to big band jazz to salsa and rock-&-roll, so she’s aware that most students have a broad range of interest and she enjoys finding what styles her students excel in, and enjoy.

In her free time Amy adores exploring the woods around her home in White Sulphur. She has a deep interest in nature, especially medicinal and nutritional uses for plants.  She also spends a lot of time playing and composing music.

When asked what she is most proud of, Amy said that she is most proud of her kindness towards other people.    We agree, Amy is one of the kindest, most gentle souls we’ve ever met!

When she grows up, her secret dream is to be a singing park ranger!