Drums/Percussion Teacher

 Drums/Percussion Teacher



Ben Hunt



Ben is our Drums & Percussion teacher at Warner Music Studios!  Ben has been playing many percussion instruments and trapset for as long as he can possibly remember… close to 25 years!

 Ben has over a decade of experience in professional performances and theatre productions.  He also participated in marching band and was captain of the drumline in high school.

Ben’s musical muses are ever evolving as he appreciates so many types of music.  He loves to listen to anything uplifts his spirit and gets him dancing!  His favorite music to perform would be a combination of rock, funk and jazz with a hint of blues.

Ben is an amazing teacher because he understands that all students learn differently.  He is careful to listen to what the student wants and needs.  He believes that EVERYONE has something to learn AND something to teach, if we’ll listen. Ben also has a strong practical understanding of technique, rhythm, timing and dynamics and is capable of teaching the finer aspects of percussion.

Ben’s favorite way to spend his free time is somewhere in nature with his partner, Aspen, and his son Emry.  Ben prefers to be “satisfied” in life, rather than “proud”.  However, if he had to choose something to be proud of it would definitely be of his sweet partner, Aspen, for bringing their son into the world and nurturing him so very well!

Ben wants to be exactly whom he is, every moment of every day, while constantly growing.  He approaches life in a fresh way, while embodying maturity through his actions.