Ukulele Teacher

        Ukulele Teacher



Kelsey Pressnall



Kelsey is our ukulele teacher at Warner Music Studios!  She has been singing and making music since she was 6 years old!  Kelsey also holds a degree in Theatre and Arts Administration and a minor in Music. 

Kelsey has played with various groups, including “DUkes” in college. She has played at many events in the United States and into Japan! Her performance style tends to fall along the lines of folk and pop, though she loves listening to anything from Musicals to Bluegrass. Her musicalmuse is Sara Bareilles.  

Kelsey says that learning the ukulele and being part of her uke-group has changed her life!  She thanks her incredible mentors and says they taught her ukulele is not just an art-form, but a way of life.  She is so excited to share this knowledge with her students!

In her free time you’ll occasionally find Kelsey hiking or reading… but you’re most likely to see her at Greenbrier Valley Theatre performing her latest show!

When asked what she is most proud of, Kelsey said to be working in the arts.  With this uncertain time in arts funding it can be difficult to be a working artist.  She is thrilled that she gets to work for a theatre and a music studio doing what she loves.

 When Kelsey grows up she says she wants to be a performer in every way!  She wants to entertain, inform and challenge audiences using various mediums of art.