Piano & Voice Instructor

   Piano & Voice Instructor


Kiersten White



Kiersten is a piano and voice teacher at Warner Music Studios!  Her instruments also include Saxophone, Ukulele and Clarinet. She has been singing since she could speak and has been studying vocal arts for over 13 years and piano for over a decade.  Kiersten has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Millikin University.  Her courses included music theory, aural harmony, performance and musical history.  She’s also studied Alexander Technique and taken other Master Classes with instructors like Dr. Ann Rhodes, Dr. Linda Cowan and Hope Koehler. 

Kiersten has performed all over the United States in Europe in chorales, choirs and professional musical theatre productions.   Her performance style tends to fall along the lines of folk rock and blues, and she loves music with intricate vocal harmonies. Her musical muse is Sara Bareilles.  

Kiersten is constantly collaborating with her students to ensure that they are achieving what they want to in their musical education.  She also challenges her students at each lesson to help them become the best players, performers (and people!) that they can be!  Her personal listening tastes include Sara Bareilles, Charlene Kaye, Ed Sheeran, Delta Rae and Ingrid Michaelson, and she has experience singing many different styles of music, and wants to bring that ability to her students!

In her free time you can find Kiersten hiking, reading, doing genealogical research, practicing photography or hanging out at theatre, either watching or performing!  Kiersten also has a cat named Rose that she loves with all of her heart.  She’d like to warn you in advance you may hear some “Rose-Stories” and may be subjected to a photo now and then.

When asked what she is most proud of, Kiersten said that she is most proud of having sung a solo in EIGHT European country before the age of 20!

When she grows up, her secret dream is to be a travel vlogger!  And work in drama therapy at a small theatre.