Piano Teacher

         Piano Teacher



Langhorne Preston



Langhorne has been trained in the piano since she was a small child.  She later went on to train under Rachel Warner, learning and developing the skills necessary to teach in the signature Warner Music Studios style.  

With a degree in early childhood education, and extensive experience with special abilities, she has the skills and experience to teach students of all back grounds.  She has experience in teaching students with ADD & ADHD, autism and aspbergers students and blind students.

She loves teaching piano and believes every student can learn and is willing to work hard to find what speaks to each individual student’s heart and learning style.  She specializes in our youngest students, and has specific training programs just for them, to keep it fun and instill into them a lifelong love of music!

Langhorne is most proud of her husband and family, and is living the life she’s always wanted!