Studio Owner &        Piano Teacher

       Studio Owner &

       Piano Teacher



Rachel Warner



Rachel is the owner, and a piano teacher at Warner Music Studios.  She has been playing piano for 26 years. 

Rachel was first trained under a composer for the Seattle Symphony. His unconventional teaching methods, which allow accelerated learning and music composition, are being passed down to her students. She then went on to train with a world class, classical pianist from Korea.  The skill level and demand for perfection from this teacher far exceeded anything previously experienced.

Rachel now takes the culmination of all this knowledge and experience to provide her students with a world-class musical education.  With a balanced focus on theory, ear-training, composition and classical technique, she also keeps lessons fun and upbeat by finding out what each individual student’s needs and wants are, not only person-to-person, but also individually week-to-week.  She is constantly adapting to provide an excellent education and a genuine love for the piano. You may notice Rachel's students excelling faster in a few months of lessons than years of previous lessons with conventional methods. 

Rachel believes that music has so many facets that, no matter the skill level, every child can be reached by being flexible and finding the path that speaks to the student.  She has had success in teaching children with ADD & ADHD, low & high functioning autism, Asperger’s, learning disabilities, mutes, neurological disorders and many other special abilities. 

Rachel never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up until she got to do it here... and maybe wants to add living part time in Hawaii...